Howden Netherlands

Howden supplies fans, rotary heat exchangers, compressors and gas cleaning equipment throughout the world to key industries including power generation, petrochemicals, steelmaking, mining and cement production, which demand the highest levels of performance and reliability from their rotating machinery.
Organised to meet the demands of the global market, Howden has around 3,800 employees throughout the world who operate with the independence that suits their customers’ needs, whilst always being able to call on the experience and resources of the whole Howden group of companies.
At the core of our business lies Howden Technology, which is at the forefront of engineering and has unique expertise in aerodynamics, thermodynamics, acoustics, rotor dynamics and stress and vibration analysis.
Combining our technical knowledge with our extensive applications experience gained by our engineers on sites throughout the world allows us to support our customers from initial project inception to plant decommissioning.


Howden Netherlands
Lansinkesweg 4
P.O. Box 975
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 74 255 6000
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